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Hotel Management Software

A hotel management software a.k.a – a software that streamlines the A-Z of hotel operations. It is a set of fully integrated modules that handle reservation, room operations, housekeeping, guest engagement, banqueting and so. Playing a significant role in increasing a hotel’s efficiency and revenue, the hotel management software has become an inseparable part of hotel management. Aimsoftech is the best software for hotel needs and for do all the transaction of Hotels such as visitors booking cancelling, and man more…

Hotel Management Software

AIM Hotel Management Software for Restaurant to manage Invoice/KOT with accounting in very fast way. Maintain KOT for single or multiple tables and invoicing with barcode for fast selection. Pending orders table wise and KOT wise reports. AIM Improves financial compliance with regulatory standards and reduces risk. Finance and Accounts is the secret key of every business which reflects the standing position of different aspects like Receivables and Payables, Incomes and Expenses, Cash and Bank Transactions and Gross and Net profits in fraction of seconds. AIM enables individuals to keep track of every transaction with complete clarity and helps you to generate a detailed account wise transaction history report, reconcile bank, PDC’s, Cash/Bank/Ledger Book in matter of clicks. Hotel Accounting software.

POS solutions are used by retail stores and restaurants. In hotels, this system allows customers to pay for services such as health club, spa, Wi-Fi, pay-per-view, mini-bar items, room service, restaurant meals and more.

Reservation can also be done in this software very easily. If you had any problem just contact us and we will help you

Includes managing check-ins and check-outs, scheduling wakeup calls, coding keycards, supervising the work of cleaning staff, assigning them to work in specific rooms etc.

aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun
aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun

Features of Software

  • All Management Information System (MIS) Available

  • Table Wise KOT & Billing

  • Counter Billing With / Without Bar Code

  • KOT Management

  • Stock Management & Valuation in Various Types

  • Quickly search your product with name or search code

  • Price schemes available Eg. Product wise, Date range

  • Get Minimum, Maximum & Reorder Level Stock

  • Stock Statement and valuation in various types

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aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun
Aim Software Dehradun
aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun

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