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Dairy Accounting Software in Dehradun

Our dairy accounting software in Dehradun of Aimsoftech is designed to follow every drop of milk from the farm, through the production process and delivery to your customer. Our dairy accounting software is broken into modules allowing it to be used to the maximum benefit of our customers, providing either a complete software solution, or an integrated solution to other systems. Our dairy accounting software is designed for milk – we track components, handle class utilization, pooling and other Market Administrator reporting, and it provides complete tractability through every step of the process.

Dairy Software.

Dairy farm has now become an important source of income to both small and marginal farmers. Due to the variety in the dairy products, it has now become a business which is expanding day by day. So in order to manage it well, we have designed this Dairy Accounting software which will help the farmers in managing its business smoothly. You data will secure on your computer as it uses sql to store your data. You can take backup with this software without any worry on corruption of backup file.

  1. Software supports client-server mode of communication
  2. Software supports Encryption of data on the network. This ensures high security within the application environment.
  3. Supports role based privileges and configurations.
  4. Configurable features we have, like custom report generation, custom receipt printing etc…
  1. Does pre-determined connection pool from client to server
  2. Software has extremely optimized and lightweight components with very small memory footprint which ensures very little overhead to the system.

Load balancing and Database migration is supported.

  1. Fully configurable time-outs, enabling the application to handle errors appropriately.
  2. Have monitoring and administration facilities at application level.
  3. Have exhaustive metrics about transactions types, response times, errors, etc.,
aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun
aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun

Features In Dairy Software

  • record the data regarding collection of milk and financial transaction

  • used in dairy firm in rural areas

  • Precise and Fast Calculation

  • GSTR1 & GSTR2 Format

  • Milk Receiving from Villages

  • Broker wise commission

  • Sales of various items like Ghee, Paneer, etc…

  • Deduction entry with various types of reports

Images Of Our Software

aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun
Aim Software Dehradun
aimsoftech Software Company in Dehradun

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